Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

New Years is one of my favorite holidays. Don't ask me why, it is just simply a cool holiday. You get to stay up late to watch the ball, you get to spend time with family, and you even get to wake up the people that have already went to bed. New Years is a great time of the year, and I hope you enjoy yours.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writing To Santa

The other day during my Dad's sermon he told a joke that I especially liked. Here goes.

It was around Christmas time, and a little boy sat down to write a letter to God to ask him about Christmas. He knew that God could bless them and not Santa so he sat down and began his letter:

"Dear God: This year I have been good for six months..."

He stopped, looked at the "six months." A moment later he threw it out and started a new one:

"Dear God: This year I have been good for three months..." He stopped again and stared into the distance for a moment, then threw away the letter and started a new one:

"Dear God: This year I have been good for two weeks..." The boy stopped. He had thought of something which led him to throw away the letter.

The boy sat there and thought for a while. Then he went downstairs to where the nativity was set up. Being very careful he picked up Mary and carefully slipped her into his pocket and went back upstairs to start his final letter:

"Dear God: If you ever want to see you mother again..."

It was a funny joke and I enjoyed it, hopefully you did to. Check out my Dad's blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Love Winter

It is the beginning of December and it has begun to get really cold outside. I especially love winter because of the snow. Snow has so many uses, like throwing snowballs at your sister, or make a snowman, and even if your real daring you can even eat it(not the yellow of course). But the real reason why I love the snow is because it makes everything God has made even more beautiful. People say they hate winter because it is cold and they don't want to shovel the snow, but it's all part of the experience. In December people are always running around getting presents, decorations, and those last minute items, and we never really stop to see the beauty of what God has created. So if you ever find yourself bored and wondering what to do, just take a look outside so you can witness what God has created.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Band Concert With the New Band

Tonight is my first band concert with the new Grand Ledge Band. I am totally pumped. It is going to be a lot of fun. I'm interested to see how the concert turns out. We will be playing Christmas songs of every kind fast ones, slow ones, and lots more. We will even be combining with the 7th grade Beagle band in an attempt to play a peace called Christmas Pop Sing-A-Long.
Hopefully the concert goes really well.