Friday, November 14, 2008

Deer Camp

Well I am sitting here on the couch at my Uncle Jeff's House in Mount Pleasant Michigan getting ready to head for the cabin. I'm physched!!! I look forward to deer camp a little more every year, we get to totally act redneck and there is nobody there to tell us we can't. There is gonna be about eight guys up here at the cabin this weekend, and i'm hoping everyone of em kills a deer. Deer camp consists of a lot of traditions. On Friday night the hunters will go to Jays Sporting Goods to pick up a few last minute things for Saturday. Then we might come back and watch possibly the coolest movie in the world... Eskenaba in Da Moonlight. Yes that one, it's gonna be a total blast. Well I gotta run but just below here is a place to leave comments. Feel free to tell me about your deer camp experience(or just hunting experience).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grand Ledge Round 2

Tomorrow Grand Ledge goes onto take on Rockford in the second round of the playoffs. It will be a tough one. Rockford is 9 and 1 and they are a big football team. Thats not to say the least about Grand Ledge, we are 10 and 0 and I honestly think we have what it takes to win tomorrow night. I am really excited and interested to see who will come out on top. I have posted a poll on my blog just under the about me section, feel free to vote.