Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Bloggers

Hey since we moved my internet has been down so I am posting this from my dad's computer. But if you regularly check my blog keep checking it because who knows when I will have internet again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Packing Stuff Up

This week consisted of packing, packing, and packing. It sort of stunk well it really stunk. It is Wednesday at about four eighteen and only one more day until we move. We will miss everyone of the Butler Church of Christ body and hope that we will never be forgotten.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saying Goodbyes

Going into Sunday morning I new it was going to be tough, and I was right it was tough. The hardest part was knowing that it would be the last time I saw my friends for a while. During my Dad's sermon he started to get choked up and thats when I lost it. I wont ever forget the times I had with my church family in Butler Indiana. It was hard saying goodbye but I know the goodbye wont last forever.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Does Bonds Deserve to Be In the Hall of Fame?

I got home from camp on Friday and I saw the paper on the Island. It said that Bonds hit two more homers and was two away from Hank Aaron's record and I thought to myself. Does Bonds deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. In my opinion I don't think he deserves to. If you noticed his size when he first started playing and then four years later it was clear that he was using performance enhancing steroids. Now it might be just me but I thought he was. So to me a spot in the hall of fame with his name on it is just dumb. What you will notice here in this picture is what happened to Barry Bonds after steroids.

I Have Decided To Be a U of M Fan

When I heard we were moving I decided to be a Michigan Wolverines fan and I believe it was a pretty smart choice on my part. So Blue and Gold.

This is SCARY

I personally thought this video was quite scary.

My New Marching Band

When we move in a week I will be joining the Grand Ledge Marching Band. It is a big band and it is a phenomenal band. My Mom told me that they went to the White House to perform, I thought that was pretty cool. I am going to try to do as well as I can this year and have a good time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Brothers From Another Mother

I was at camp this week and was hanging out with my friends, and I realized, I'm going to be gone in a week. I am talking about Ryan Steere, Jordan Harger, and Aaron Kaufman. These are my three best friends and it just sickened me to know that after years of friendships it would all slip away in two months. I wont ever forget the times I had with Remis, Skittles, and Scug and I will miss them a ton.

My Big Move

Well just a week from today on the 26th we are loading up a van and
moving North to my house in Grand Ledge MI. It will be a hard move but at the same time it will be good. I am going to miss everyone at Butler Church of Christ and I will never forget the awesome ten years I have had in Butler.

Wierd Things To Do With Your Face

I was at camp this week and my dorm did this weird thing with their face. And the deal is you squeeze your chin really hard for about two minutes then immediately after you let go, flick your chin about ten or eleven times. What it does is it gives you a bruise.

My Awesome Week of Camp

I went to camp this week and had an awesome time.

Last night something happened that was hilarious. We were messing with a water bottle, and what you do with it is you twist the cap on really tight, then you twist the bottle so that it creates a large amount of compressed air. Finally what you do is untwist the cap so the cap flies off with a good amount of force. So we were messing around and out of the blue one of my friends named Jon Watson was smoked in the head with a bottle cap. It was absolutely hilarious.