Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Advice

Have you ever had that one person that you could really confide in? Mine is my Uncle Fred. My Uncle Fred is a person that I really look up to. He is the Senior Minister at Ionia County Church of Christ, and a great uncle. I have known Fred for a long time, and I have really grown to trust him a lot. He has been known from time to time to offer some very good advice to me. He has been through high school just like me and so every once and a while he'll have a new peice of advice for me. Whether it be about how to stay ahead academically in school or just life advice. Although just recently he offered me a peice of advise, and I have to say that I think it is really going to help me in the future. I really have a lot to thank my Uncle Fred for, he has been there with good advice whenever I need it. Really all I can say is Thanks! Oh and Fred if you are reading this, the advice was very helpful. I took action right away. Thanks!!!